• Jeremy Jacobs - Executive Director

Welcome to KY NORML

Greetings fellow Kentuckians!

We here at KY NORML are excited to be working to make real change for cannabis reform in our commonwealth. I've been in the cannabis industry for 5 years now in an ancillary capacity and I've gotten to see what other states have done in regards to cannabis reform and how they have implemented it.

In some states there have been issues between cannabis grows and hemp farmers. In others they have rolled back home grows which inhibit a caregiver or patients ability to cultivate their own remedies. There have been debates arcoss the country on whether or not vertical integration should be required or optional. What Kentucky can do is learn from the missteps of other states. The people of our commonwealth deserve to have comprehensive cannabis reform.

And that is in part of what we here at KY NORML are striving to accomplish. We want our legislators to have access to the latest research and studies so they can vote in their chambers fully educated on the benefits that cannabis will have on our communities locally and our commonwealth as a whole.

Thank you, and I hope to see you at our Rally in Frankfort on January 23rd.



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