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Big Pharma Attempts to Usurp Kentucky Cannabis

There is a new push in Frankfort to allow Big Pharma to take over medicinal cannabis. From everything that we are seeing come out of New York and Florida, the only people who are getting anything out of medicinal cannabis in states where there is only oils and pills available to patients are the big companies that over charge already stretched thin families for over processed, designer drugs with patents. The recipients of medical cannabis are paying out of pocket $2500-$5000 a month depending on the dosage needed. Even now many people, like attorney John Morgan and our sister affiliate NORML of Florida, are fighting diligently for access to patients to get open access to flower and home grows. One of the whole points of this legislation is to allow people access to a plant that relieves a number of diseases and illnesses. When a politician like Rep. DuPlessis comes out on the side of the Pharmaceutical Companies, its obvious he isn't listening to his constituency. He's only listening to moneyed interests. He is just another example of the cowards in Frankfort who will not do right by the many veterans in their districts. Who turns a callous look toward the elderly and their suffering. A shyster who only cares about his own vanity and not the most vulnerable among us. Remember how he, and others like him, think of you the next time you vote. We could lay out every study, every fact, every statistic, and every thing learned from the states who have gone before us in cannabis reform, and these clowns would still refuse to do the right thing. It is morally despicable, financially irresponsible, and devoid of compassion to deny Kentuckians cannabis. The time is now! Our patients, our veterans, our farmers, and our communities deserve better! Call 1-800-372-7181 and let your legislator know where you stand on HB 166, & SB 118! Tell them they should leave the bills as they were written! #termlimitsoncongress #corruptKYpoliticians #theyworkforus #bigpharmakills #HB166 #SB80 #SB118 #KYNORML #NORML



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