• Tony Ashley, Managing Director, KCFC

Cannabis Reform Rally, March 14th (Guest Post)


Attention Kentucky Citizens: A Cannabis Reform Rally will be held in support of the cannabis bills filed this legislative session; Senate Bill 118, House Bill 166: Medical Cannabis, and Senate Bill 80: The Adult Responsible Use Act for adults 21 and over. These bill’s are frozen in the committees to which they have been assigned. We need your help to get these bills heard and passed into law. We would like to invite you and encourage all cannabis supporters across Kentucky to attend this rally!

The Kentucky Cannabis Freedom Coalition is co- hosting with Ky NORML, Kentuckians for Medical Marijuana, Alliance For Innovative Medicine, and the Veterans Group 22 Strong.

There will be several guest speakers participating in this event including representatives from leading cannabis organizations in Kentucky, as well as, patients and sponsors of the bills.

We are seeing cannabis reform begin to take hold in Kentucky this legislative session, with the passing of multiple resolutions by city councils throughout the state of Kentucky. Those counties include Fayette, Jefferson, Menifee and Harrison Counties. Additionally, the Maysville and Perryville City Councils and Bullitt County Fiscal Court have passed resolutions as well.

The resolutions mentioned above are in support of legalizing medical cannabis state wide. They are sent to the Kentucky General Assembly, urging them to pass a medical cannabis bill this legislative session 2018.

These unjust cannabis laws in Kentucky will not change themselves, we need to inundate our legislators as a collective force and demand the end of cannabis prohibition, the time for change is now!

Please mark your calendars and bring as many people as you can, invite others to carpool with you.

WHAT: Cannabis Reform Rally

WHERE: The Capital Building Rotunda, 700 Capital Ave, Frankfort, Ky 40601 WHEN: March 14, 2018 from 1pm-2pm EDT.

Best regards,

Tony Ashley

Managing Director, KCFC



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