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2018 Candidate Questionnaire

Last month KY NORML sent out a questionnaire to over 200 candidates to gauge their stances on cannabis reform. With Kentucky's primary taking place on May 22nd we wanted to share the responses we received. We sent the questionnaire out four times in order for candidates to have ample opportunity and time to answer. There are still very many candidates we have yet to hear from and the website will be updated as responses come in.

Below are the questions we sent out in our survey. They cover topics such as decriminalization, medical cannabis, home-grows, and an adult-use market.

1. Please indicate your position toward eliminating criminal penalties for the responsible use of cannabis by adults.

2. Please indicate your position toward legalizing the medical use of cannabis for seriously ill patients.

3. Do you currently support the use of medical marijuana for people who have debilitating conditions including chronic pain?

4. Do you support the position that certified patients should have the ability to cultivate cannabis at their residence?

5. Do you currently support the legal cultivation and sale of cannabis to adults that do not have a debilitating medical condition?

6. Please indicate your position toward legalizing and regulating the responsible use of marijuana by adults.

7. Please indicate any marijuana related legislation you have sponsored, co-sponsored, or publicly supported.

You can find the responses to our questionnaire by going to https://www.kynorml.com/2018-candidate-survey-results

When going to the voting booth, there are a lot of issues that voters take into account when choosing a candidate. We ask that you keep in mind any candidates that support cannabis reform in our commonwealth.

We highly thank you.

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